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Providing hosting and cloud computing, global managed data and IP services, business continuity, voice and video services.

At LinkBermuda, we understand that your IT telecommunications network is critical for the for the day-to-day success of your business.

We have created a suite of services for businesses of all sizes that are flexible, scalable and reliable with the customer support you expect.

Large Business

Our Colocation Hosting Services can provide you with a secure place to physically house your hardware, servers and related equipment as opposed to your own offices. Our Colocation Hosting Services offers a dedicated purpose built facility at our world class Data Centres which are designed to provide a conditioned environment for your IT infrastructure, including fully redundant air conditioning and uninterruptable power supply (UPS), back-up power generation, fire detection and suppression.

Equipment and server racks

Our racks are standard 19 inches and are connected to two independent UPS distribution units.


Infrastructure systems provide N+1 redundancy.

Climate control

The climate will be stable at 72° F and 50% humidity.

Power distribution

Onsite are two 4160V feeders. If one fails, our facility still maintains power.

Emergency power

Three generators provide emergency power to the facility.

Uninterrupted power

Two battery equipped UPS systems allow 20 minutes of battery backup.

Fire alarm and fire suppression

An early warning smoke detection and fire suppression system protect the Data Centres.

Capital and Operating Savings

Facilities that can reliably house IT equipment supporting your critical data and applications are costly to build and the ongoing operating expenditures of in-house facilities can be expensive and a distraction from your core business. LinkBermuda Colocation Hosting Services allows you to benefit from shared costs and take advantage of our secure, state-of-the-art facilities.


Our Data Centres provide a high-level of security onsite including perimeter fencing, external and internal CCTV, 24x7 monitoring systems, biometric security measures and security guards. LinkBermuda adheres to strict policies and procedures for customers who require access to their equipment at our Data Centres.


In order to ensure 100% uptime, our Data Centres offer redundancy in UPS, air conditioning, back-up power generation, fire detection and suppression, and enhanced monitoring of the customer environment, including temperature and power consumption per rack. Our data and IP networks are interconnected with multiple local and international service partners.

Ideal location

Our Service Continuity workspaces are housed at the Devonshire Teleport which is located on one of Bermuda’s highest elevations. The workspaces are connected directly to our two world-class Tier III Data Centres which are housed at the same location and are interconnected directly to our MPLS, Internet and data networks eliminating the need for local access facilities.


Each Service Continuity workspace will have back-up power and air conditioning provided by three generators on stand-by. Our uninterruptable power supply (UPS) will ensure that the transition from main to back-up power is continuous and uninterrupted.


Our Service Continuity is based at a secure location conveniently accessible from Hamilton. There is perimeter fencing, external CCTV, security guards and card access for each workspace. LinkBermuda adheres to strict policies and procedures for customers who require access to their Service Continuity workspace.

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