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Providing hosting and cloud computing, global managed data and IP services, business continuity, voice and video services.

At LinkBermuda, we understand that your IT telecommunications network is critical for the for the day-to-day success of your business.

We have created a suite of services for businesses of all sizes that are flexible, scalable and reliable with the customer support you expect.

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As a successful multinational enterprise based in Bermuda, you require a secure network to interconnect with your global operations and support critical business applications. As the use of voice, data, video and multimedia applications increases, the availability of flexible, scalable and reliable networking services becomes essential.

The LinkBermuda Global IP VPN service over our MPLS network can provide the communications infrastructure that enterprise businesses need. Our service is designed to grow with your organization and can consolidate your current and future applications onto a single network.

MPLS network

Our global MPLS network is dedicated for VPNs and offers network isolation from the Internet for enhanced privacy and security.


We have multiple global partners to choose from.


We provide diverse international paths to and from Bermuda for redundancy.

Classes of Service (CoS)

Up to four classes of service allows prioritisation of delay-intolerant applications such as voice and video.


Our service supports SIP voice, video, IP and data applications.

Global connectivity

Use our Global IP VPN MPLS platform to connect your enterprises in Bermuda and around the world in the fastest, most efficient way.


You can connect all your sites, from data centres and large company offices to employees and remote branches. Through the Global IP VPN service, they all communicate with each other with no need for a point-to-point connection.

Reduce costs

Remove the need of relying upon your voice, data, Internet and video services with multiple carriers and replace them with LinkBermuda’s Global IP VPN MPLS, a single service and platform.

Global reach

We have an expansive international footprint with multiple global partners to satisfy your requirements.

Best connectivity and international networking options

The backbone of our international network is fully diverse on separate fibre cable systems connecting Bermuda with points of presence in the United States, South America and the Caribbean.

Customized solution

Our Global IP VPN Services can be custom-configured to support the varied requirements of your business.

Single point of contact

We are your single point of contact that will cater to your needs whether for pricing, implementation, billing or technical support.

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