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Providing hosting and cloud computing, global managed data and IP services, business continuity, voice and video services.

At LinkBermuda, we understand that your IT telecommunications network is critical for the for the day-to-day success of your business.

We have created a suite of services for businesses of all sizes that are flexible, scalable and reliable with the customer support you expect.

Large Business

Hosting Services


- Long Distance

Business Continuity

We understand that voice communication is critical for the day-to-day successful functioning of your business. Whether you need to contact a client in the U.S., your colleague in Europe or an affiliate office in Singapore, you expect for your long distance service to deliver your calls crystal clear, each and every time.

That’s why customers trust us at LinkBermuda. We offer the highest quality and dependable long distance service that can be relied upon with the customer support you expect.

Custom billing codes

Expense management feature allows you to track long distance calls by department, employee or project.

Help Desk

The LinkBermuda Help Desk is available 24x7 with highly trained staff to respond to any service related issues. Our Help Desk team is there to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Network & Systems Monitoring

To enable issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently, the LinkBermuda Network Management Centre actively monitors our networks and systems 24x7.

Lower costs

With the LinkBermuda Long Distance service, you can lower your usage rates by consolidating your office and mobile long distance traffic.

One bill

Combine all of your office and mobile long distance calls onto a single monthly statement.


Our long distance network and calling plans offer a variety of options that are scalable and can easily accommodate your current and future calling patterns.


The LinkBermuda long distance network connects to multiple international service providers over separate fibre systems and supports calls to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Best connectivity

LinkBermuda only interconnects internationally with premier trustworthy global carriers in order to deliver quality voice services around the world.

One stop shop

Combine all of your office and mobile long distance calls under a single LinkBermuda calling plan.

Customer support

Our experience and unparalleled record of troubleshooting ensures that our long distance services offer the dependability and responsiveness you deserve.

Account Management

Every LinkBermuda enterprise customer is assigned an Account Manager that will work with you to ensure that all of your ongoing requirements are met.

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