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Providing hosting and cloud computing, global managed data and IP services, business continuity, voice and video services.

At LinkBermuda, we understand that your IT telecommunications network is critical for the for the day-to-day success of your business.

We have created a suite of services for businesses of all sizes that are flexible, scalable and reliable with the customer support you expect.

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LinkBermuda Private Line Service provides you with your own dedicated private network, linking you to your offices around the world. Our services include an International Private Line which is a point-to-point circuit between your local and overseas offices and an Ethernet Private Line which is a true Ethernet end-to-end private line solution between your local and overseas offices.

Whether you need a secure connection between your LAN and WAN, a reliable circuit to deliver data, voice and/or video or to interconnect with your global network, LinkBermuda has the data solution to fit your specific requirement.

Dedicated connectivity

With Private Line Service, you get dedicated connectivity between two or more locations.

Variety of speeds

We offer a full range of speeds that you choose based on your business needs.

Safe, secure connection

Unlike the public Internet, you can confidently transfer data safely and securely over our network and that of our service partners since we have direct control over performance and quality.

Multiple traffic types

Private Line Service allows you to send any combination of voice, data and video communications on a single line.


Dedicated, private and secure connectivity that you do not share with other customers and allows you to connect to single or multiple end points.


Private Line is suitable for IP, IP telephony, video, fax, email and other business-critical applications, using any protocol.


A full range of bandwidth options are available at speeds suitable to your business needs.

Best connectivity

Our Private Line backbone resides on diverse international paths and interconnects with multiple local and international service partners.

One stop shop

We are your single point of contact that will cater to all your needs whether for pricing, implementation, billing or technical support.

Customized solution

Our Private Line Services can be custom-configured to support the varied requirements of your business.

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