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Providing hosting and cloud computing, global managed data and IP services, business continuity, voice and video services.

At LinkBermuda, we understand that your IT telecommunications network is critical for the for the day-to-day success of your business.

We have created a suite of services for businesses of all sizes that are flexible, scalable and reliable with the customer support you expect.

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Business Continuity

- Service Continuity
At LinkBermuda, we understand that your business needs to be connected without any disruptions. Whether it is by a system failure, a power outage, flooding, fire or a major disaster like a hurricane. That is why we created Service Continuity, providing an environment with all the features necessary for your key staff to operate in when their offices are not available.

Service Continuity Workspace

Each Service Continuity workspace consist of a desk, chair, a telephone and Cat 5 Local Area Network (LAN) cabling that can be configured according to your requirements.

Telecommunications Services

If you host your computer system in any of our Data Centres, we will be able to re-route your existing LinkBermuda provided data, MPLS or Internet circuit to your Service Continuity workspace.

Hosting Services

As part of your overall Continuity planning, we recommend an option that utilizes our Hosting Services in addition to Service Continuity in order to create a more complete Disaster Recovery solution.

Service Continuity Plan and Testing

LinkBermuda will work closely with you to create a Service Continuity Plan which will describe the recovery processes that enable you to resume a level of business operations at the LinkBermuda Service Continuity facility.

Business continues

Despite the disruption, you can still carry on business as usual.

Reduces losses

A proactive strategy to combat possible disruptions keeps your revenue stream intact and your credibility unharmed.

Satisfy your clients

Informing your clients that you have Service Continuity lets them know that you consider the provision of quality service a high priority, which in turn, instills them with greater confidence in your business.

Maintains your customer focus

A managed business continuity solution removes the requirement for your resources to be distracted away from your core business.

Ideal location

Our Service Continuity workspaces are housed at the Devonshire Teleport which is located on one of Bermuda’s highest elevations. The workspaces are connected directly to our two world-class Tier III Data Centres which are housed at the same location and are interconnected directly to our MPLS, Internet and data networks eliminating the need for local access facilities.


Each Service Continuity workspace will have back-up power and air conditioning provided by three generators on stand-by. Our uninterruptable power supply (UPS) will ensure that the transition from main to back-up power is continuous and uninterrupted.


Our Service Continuity is based at a secure location conveniently accessible from Hamilton. There is perimeter fencing, external CCTV, security guards and card access for each workspace. LinkBermuda adheres to strict policies and procedures for customers who require access to their Service Continuity workspace.

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