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We realize that IT Departments are expected to sometimes perform superhuman tasks with limited resources. We also are well aware that quality computing infrastructure is an essential ingredient to be able to respond to business opportunities. Cloud Computing is changing the way business operates, rapidly becoming the preferred method to boost enterprise performance and productivity.

With Link vCloud Virtual Private Cloud, you can create your own Virtual Data Centre (VDC) and enjoy superior performance that scales to meet the most basic to the most demanding computing needs. Improve your IT operational efficiencies by reducing infrastructure deployment time and administrative costs while increasing reliability.

Link vCloud Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant, logically isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure. Virtual Private Cloud offers customers considerable value and flexibility in a hybrid cloud solution and is expandable through the use of add-ons to meet your business needs.

Virtual Private Cloud is architected on industry leading VMware vSphere and is located in Bermuda’s most state of the art Data Center at Link Teleport.

Link vCloud Virtual Private Cloud is a secure, capable and expandable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) compute environment. Virtual Private Cloud includes fully private networking, high availability, memory and storage. Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for:
  • Testing and development
  • Migrate key production workloads to the public cloud
  • Launch new enterprise and next generation applications
  • Facilitating special projects that are in excess of existing resources
  • Creating redundancy by backing up primary data
  • Eliminating expensive investments in new or replacement hardware
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives
Features of Virtual Private Cloud include:
  • Firewall
  • VPNs
  • Load Balancer
  • SSD Accelerated Storage
  • Redundancy + High Availability
  • DHCP + NAT

Scalability and flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of Virtual Private Cloud is the ability to scale up in case of upturn in business demand and scale down quickly when there is low demand. This adds enormous flexibility and optimal utilization of resources and capital.

Cost efficiency

No longer do businesses need to have the responsibility of ensuring uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, or replacing old equipment. Virtual Private Cloud demands no upfront charges or bandwidth utilization fees.

Fast and agile

Every business requires faster time to market. The Link vCloud hosting platform provides automated provisioning of infrastructure for quick procurement and rapid delivery. As Virtual Private Cloud provides elasticity and scalability, businesses can ramp up and get the job done more rapidly. Full deployment of on demand infrastructure takes minutes, not weeks.

Support for Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and High Availability

If disaster strikes, employees can access the same Virtual Private Cloud they have always accessed via an Internet connection, from wherever they happen to be both locally and from overseas.


Redeploy internal resources and staff to focus on revenue-generating initiatives and spend less time provisioning and managing IT maintenance. Businesses can focus their time and resources where they belong, on developing innovations in applications and solutions.

Service Included Resources Price Per Month
Compute 10GB vRAM, 5GHz CPU $288.00
Storage 1TB SSD-Accelerated Storage $153.00
Bandwidth 10Mbps $286.00
IPs (External) Priced per IP (2 included) $63.00
Support (Tied to Compute) $72.00
Total $862.00
Additional Increments Included Resources Price Per Month
Compute 10GB vRAM, 5GHz CPU $288.00
Storage 1TB SSD-Accelerated Storage $153.00
Bandwidth 10Mbps $286.00
IPs (External) 1 $32.00
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