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29 October 2015| Filed under News  

Hamilton, Bermuda – October 29, 2015 – LinkBermuda, the leader in providing data networking and IP solutions in Bermuda today announced the successful implementation of Arbor Networks’ market-leading DDoS detection and mitigation solutions to protect its infrastructure from DDoS attacks that are the primary threat to the availability of Internet based telecommunications services to the island.

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks have become a common threat to the Internet and one of the most serious. They are an attempt by outside parties to overload systems and networks with malicious requests so that they can no longer become operable. DDoS attacks can cause bandwidth saturation, resulting in widespread outages to customers. These attacks can be particularly dangerous unless there is a preeminent solution in place.

"At LinkBermuda, we manage and operate capacity on diverse submarine fiber cable systems that connect Bermuda to points of presence in New York, Florida, the Caribbean and Brazil", said Craig Davis, General Manager of LinkBermuda. "Ensuring the availability of these links is essential for our customers and for Bermuda itself. Almost immediately after deployment, we were targeted with a DDoS attack and our DDoS protection worked exactly as designed. Without the Arbor DDoS solution in place, despite LinkBermuda’s position as the market leader in provision of Internet Capacity to Bermuda, customers would undoubtedly have been impacted."

"The fact that LinkBermuda was able to mitigate a significant DDoS attack so quickly after initial deployment is a testament not only to their team’s capabilities, but to Arbor’s engineers as well", said Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan. "We have developed solutions that combine market-leading technology and mitigation capabilities without losing sight of usability and workflow. Great products can’t have one or the other, they need both."

Arbor Networks® SP enables visibility and threat detection across Link Bermuda’s entire network—from the peering edge, to the backbone, to the customer edge and into the data center. SP is integrated with Arbor Networks® TMS enabling real-time, surgical mitigation of DDoS attack traffic from the network without disrupting key network services. Easy to install, configure and use, Arbor Networks® APS provides immediate protection from application-layer DDoS attacks that threaten service and application availability.

All Arbor solutions are enhanced by automatic security updates delivered by Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), helping Link Bermuda defend against both known and emerging availability threats so they can maintain business continuity – no matter what.

For more information on LinkBermuda’s Internet offerings and the associated DDOS product, please contact us at 297-7000.

About LinkBermuda

LinkBermuda Ltd. is Bermuda’s leading provider of state-of-the-art international telecommunication services – primarily focused on Business customers.

At LinkBermuda, we own and operate a highly advanced network of diverse international and domestic fibre cable facilities that enable us to provide global managed data and IP services, hosting and cloud services, business continuity, voice, and Data Centre services (in Bermuda and Canada). Founded in 1890 and based in Smiths, Bermuda, LinkBermuda Ltd. (formerly known as Cable & Wireless Bermuda Ltd) is part of the Bragg Group of Companies Bermuda.